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8 How To Play The Easiest And Practical Piano For The Beginners

Piano is a tool of one of the musical instruments that is played by being pressed with a finger consisting of a combination of different emphases. To play the piano it takes good hand and foot coordination so that the memag looks a bit difficult for the beginner. To play this piano, there are several ways to play the most easy piano so you will be able to be familiar and adept at playing the piano.

 8 How To Play The Easiest And Practical Piano For The Beginners

And here are some basic techniques on how to play the easiest piano that can be done by you who want to learn piano easily. Among others are:

How to play the piano is easiest

  • Play the piano with a good hand shape. Hand position becomes an important thing in playing the piano. By determining the shape of a good and suitable hand position, you can master difficult techniques in playing the piano.
  • Playing the piano with a different movement. In order to create a good coordination in playing the piano, you need to practice playing the piano with different movements on a regular basis.
  • Getting to know the key. The key tone on the piano consists of several chords like c, f, g, am, dm, em, and so forth. To recognize the piano key tone should start from the major tone to the minor tone.
  • Practicing putting the piano fingers. This needs to be done because there are some chords that are not only played by three fingers, but some also require four fingers to press for example like a cm7 chord.
  • Practice to stretch your fingers. Finger-bending exercises can be done by practicing hord playing one chord to another chord so that fingers become accustomed to the piano chords that exist so that your fingers are not rigid in playing the piano. Do it slowly, because in playing the piano to note is to set the accuracy of the tone, rhythm, and fingers. The hand speed will appear by itself if you have mastered hand gestures accurately.
  • Practice by playing a song. Choose a song you like, and then specify the type of music based on a tap on the drum. To make it easier to learn a song, start a song with a c key for a song of the major type. As for the songs that minor jenusnya, you can start from the key tone am.
  • Practice set rhythm and count beats. By practicing the rhythm pattern and keeping the right tap, it will help you to concentrate and be able to manage the tempo of the game more flexibly.
  • Practice regularly. To hone your technique in playing the piano, then practice it regularly for several hours. If you are familiar with hand coordination, then try to train your foot coordination in stepping on the pedal.
That's some of the easiest piano playing techniques you can do to make you a good pianist. Practice regularly and continue to piano playing skills. May be useful.

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