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Want to Learn to Play Your Own Guitar? Follow These 4 Tips and You Do not Need To Join The Course Again!

Guitar. One stringed instrument is indeed quite popular among young people. It's no doubt how cool people are playing guitar. His face looks shrewd, his fingers are also tapering play songs. Less cool let alone try? No wonder everyone is vying to be able to play this instrument.

Want to Learn to Play Your Own Guitar? Follow These 4 Tips and You Do not Need To Join The Course Again!

But, this harness does not come with an instant, you know. For the sake of learning this one musical instrument there are some people who are even willing to spend money for the course and learn directly from the experts.

Eits, but do not worry yet. For you who are averse or no budget for the course, the guitar can be studied alone really. Origin of diligent and painstaking, you can also semahir those who courses in famous places. Want to be too? Here, Hipwee love the leak tips!

1. As a first step, you must know the position of guitar playing
that fit and comfortable for you
Before starting to practice, it is important to know how to play and how to hold the guitar correctly.
  • Sit in a chair comfortably, Stand your back and shoulders.
  • Bring the body of the guitar to your stomach and chest. Then hold the guitar neck with your left hand form the V letter thumb on the back and 4 fingers left in front.
  • Hold the guitar body with the help of your right foot. Then, try press-press the string originally, from slow to fast, to train the balance.
Try to hold the position of holding this guitar every 5 minutes to familiarize and balance yourself. In the beginning, your back and shoulders may hurt. But once accustomed, the pain will not appear again, really.

2. Learn how to set the strings on the guitar. If you are still clueless do not hesitate to ask for help friends
Not all strings of the guitar directly sound melodious when picked, let alone the first time purchased. To that end, the guitar strings need to be tuned or adjusted so that the voltage fits and produces a melodious sound when picked.Well, as a beginner, learn how to tuning the guitar string is important you know, because it can make your ears get used to hear the right tone. How:
  • Know the names of the strings. From the top (the thickest) down (the thinnest) the sequence is E, A, D, G, B, and E.
  • Set the tuner (round that is on the guitar head) according to your needs. If you want a high tone, tighten your guitar strings. But if you want a low tone, just turn the tuner until the strings loosen properly.
Tight or sagging this string greatly affect the tone to be generated. The exact or not the resulting tone you can know alone if you are used to hear it. Well, for the prefix, you can ask your friends who are skilled to teach how to tuning the right. Try you just ask for help once only. For that, pay attention so that next you can already tuning your own strings.

3. Now it's time to learn strumming. Find out the basic keys in the guitar and try to play them appropriately
Can you self tuning? Means now it's time you find out the basic keys in playing the guitar. There are A, Am, B, Bm, D, Dm, E, Em, C, and also G. Each key has its own way to be played and plucked. For example, when playing an A tone, only D-G-B strings are pressed and the A-D-G-B-E strings (bottom) are played or shaken. The top E string does not need you to play.

Basic knowledge of this kind at least you already know before starting to learn to play the keys. If you can, you note all the special exercises in the guitar playing so as not to forget.

4. Start practicing the basic keys. Do it intensively until your fingers get used to it and become more sophisticated
After recording all the basic keys that need to be mastered, now is the time you try to play this key. Here's the step:
  • Learn to press the strings on a fret or metal perpendicular to the neck of the guitar. Make sure you only feel the vibration on the finger that presses the strings only.
  • Start playing the basic key you have noted. Choose from what you think is easiest, like A key because it's still in the same segment.
  • Do not just genjreng. Try you can produce a melodious and clear tone.
  • If you've managed to play a key with a clear, you can just change to play another key.
Repeat these steps to play another key. If you can all, do not immediately rush to play a song. Practice again for 1 week diligently so that you memorize the location of the key and your finger more skillful in playing it....

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